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#ShareYourShelf for #IndieApril: Meet Nicola Niemc

Thank you to the Crowvus team for featuring me on your blog! So excited to be able to showcase my books; after all, the next best thing to reading books is admiring them on a shelf! I try to keep my books in a rough order based on genre, and I also have larger books at the bottom of the bookcase and smaller at the top. Is it just me that does this?? Starting from the bottom shelf, I have my chunky hardbacks (hardbacks… so luxurious…). Juliet Marillier’s Sevenwaters series is a fairly recent discovery; set in ancient Ireland where the gods of the forest still hold sway, this is a beautifully complex family saga which has helped inspire my current work in progress. Families tied together by magic, wicked spirits, and undying love – perfect for any hopeless romantic. Also on this shelf is Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall trilogy (useful for picking up medieval details), and the complete Sherlock Holmes – a car-boot find for 50p with lovely, vinyl-like pages. The big black folder at the end is cr

#ShareYourShelf for #IndieApril - Meet our first guest author: Paul Lafferty

Throughout #IndieApril, we're inviting indie authors to share their bookshelves with us so that we can share them with you! We asked indie authors to share some information about their pictures, too. A look at anyone's bookshelf is fascinating, but a look at an author's  bookshelf is like discovering why and how their world turns! Our first indie author is Paul Lafferty, a crime writer from Ontario. Thanks for joining us, Paul! So here is the first of 5 bookcases around the house. This is the second one that deals Crime. A lot of non-fiction titles here than in the other bookcases. Bike gangs, organized crime, local corruption, research (my own and books from others) on these subjects. For now my writing deals with crime fiction. Although there are plans to write a few non-fiction books in those areas. I spent over 20 years working as a bouncer/DJ/bodyguard managing various strip clubs in Niagara Falls, Ontario. All of these memories form the basis of my first novel Down th