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Masterworks: Legacy - Samantha Wilcoxson - Interview

  Today is the last of a series on nine interviews I'm sharing on the Crowvus Book Blog. These are from the authors of the short stories included in the  Masterworks  anthology by the  Historical Writers Forum . We're running through chronologically, some are video interviews, others are written. I am delighted to welcome the fantastic Samantha Wilcoxson, who is sharing the artist inspiration for her short story Legacy , as well as the appeal of James A. Hamilton, and the delights of researching. First of all, tell us a little bit about yourself, what you write (besides Masterworks!), and what inspired you to begin writing. I was inspired to write by my love of reading. After watching me read, write reviews, and keep journals for twenty years, my husband asked me why I didn’t try writing, so I did! Without really planning on it, I ended up writing historical biographical fiction. I’m drawn to a tragic tale but also to lesser known historical figures with emotive stories to tell

#HistFicThursdays - If It's the Last Thing I Do - David Fitz-Gerald - Book Excerpt

 This week for #HistFicThursdays, I'm delighted to once again be teaming up with  The Coffee Pot Book Club  for author  David Fitz-Gerald 's blog tour! Today, I'm sharing an excerpt from his brilliant book,  If It's the Last Thing I Do ! First of all, let's meet the book... It's 1975, and Misty Menard unexpectedly inherits her father's business in Lake Placid, New York. It never occurred to her that she could wind up as the CEO of a good old-fashioned manufacturing company. After years of working for lawyers, Misty knows a few things about the law. Her favorite young attorney is making a name for himself, helping traditionally owned companies become employee owned, using a little-known, newly-passed law. When he offers to help Misty convert Adirondack Dowel into an ESOP, pro bono, Misty jumps at the chance.  The employees are stunned, the management team becomes hostile, and the Board of Directors is concerned. Misfortune quickly follows the business transfo

#HistFicThursdays - Burning Secret - R J Lloyd - Guest Post

  It's #HistFicThursdays, and I'm delighted to offer you a fabulous guest post from  R J Lloyd ,   as part of his  Coffee Pot Book Club  tour. Discover the personal nature of this book, and why the author chose to tell Enoch's story in  Burning Secret . But first, let's meet the book... Blurb Inspired by actual events, Burning Secret is a dramatic and compelling tale of ambition, lies and betrayal.  Born in the slums of Bristol in 1844, Enoch Price seems destined for a life of poverty and hardship-but he’s determined not to accept his lot.  Enoch becomes a bare-knuckle fighter in London’s criminal underworld. But in a city where there’s no place for honest dealing, a cruel loan shark cheats him, leaving Enoch penniless and facing imprisonment.  Undaunted, he escapes to a new life in America and embarks on a series of audacious exploits. But even as he helps shape history, Enoch is not content. Tormented by his past and the life he left behind, Enoch soon becomes entangl

#HistFicThursdays - Drumbeats - Julia Ibbotson

 This week for #HistFicThursdays, I'm delighted to be teaming up with  The Coffee Pot Book Club  to shine a spotlight on  Julia Ibbotson 's fabulous book,  Drumbeats ! So, let's meet the book... It’s 1965, and 18 year old Jess escapes her stifling English home for a gap year in Ghana, West Africa. But it’s a time of political turbulence across the region. Fighting to keep her young love who waits back in England, she’s thrown into the physical and emotional dangers of civil war, tragedy and the conflict of a disturbing new relationship. And why do the drumbeats haunt her dreams? This is a rite of passage story which takes the reader hand in hand with Jess on her journey towards the complexities and mysteries of a disconcerting adult world. This is the first novel in the acclaimed Drumbeats trilogy: Drumbeats , Walking in the Rain , Finding Jess . For fans of Dinah Jefferies, Kate Morton, Rachel Hore, Jenny Ashcroft You can find  Drumbeats  on #KindleUnlimited via this  Univ

#HistFicThursdays - The Bocksten Man - A Riddle in a Bog

The Bocksten Man (Photo Courtesy of Halland Museum of Cultural History)  Over the last couple of weeks, I feel like I've got to know The Bocksten Man rather well, which is funny because I don't even know his name. But then, no one does. We all love a mystery. There is an age-old appeal to them, as people try to crack ancient codes, or unearth hidden tombs. But his mystery is far sadder. His is a mystery of death. When he was unearthed in 1934, people were amazed by how complete his possessions were. He has become an invaluable source for textile historians, with some of the most intact garments from his time (mid-1300s) in Europe. Definitely a useful find to pull out of the bog! But what really fascinates me - and many others - is who he was. This was an individual of note. Not necessarily a noble, but certainly someone who moved amongst them. His clothes were neat and well-made, and his gugel length (not a euphemism – a gugel was a cowl with a long tail) was of a design to sug