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Michaelmas: The Start of Story Season

 “I was visiting a friend in the borders one Michaelmas and we happened upon a hiring fair. A  place called Hazeldine. I found a charming boy to be a page for you, Mother. Whatever  happened to him?” - I found a relevant quote from Dance With Me, our next release, which is coming out  on 22nd October this year! Michaelmas is a great day for inspiration and storytelling. Traditionally, it was one of the days when hiring was conducted, and the school term  started. All these opportunities that people had to gather together and share stories about  whatever had happened since the last time they saw each other. (We’ve got less of those  opportunities this year, but technology still allows us to share our stories and news with  people further afield.) You can read all about St Michael chasing the devil to Earth in Susan’s latest blog post. The  feast day actually belongs to St Michael and all angels, especially his fellow archangels –  Gabriel and Raphael. Some traditions observe a fifth –