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Book Review - Mrs Murray's Home

I'm thrilled to be taking part in the book tour for this really enjoyable book "Mrs Murray's Home" by Emily-Jane Hills Orford!

Mrs Murray's Home


Home is where the heart is, or so they say. It’s also been said that a home is a person’s castle. But home is also with family and friends. Mrs. Murray longs for home, the family home, a castle an ocean away. The Brownies also crave for home, the same castle Mrs. Murray considers home. And Granny? Mary’s Granny hasn’t been home since she was Mary’s age. It’s time to visit the homeland, Scotland. Mary’s excited to tag along with Granny, Mrs. Murray and the Brownies. And then there’s the witch. The one they thought they’d killed. And the treasure. The one they had found. And it all ties together, for better or for worse. Join the adventure in book 3 of the popular “Piccadilly Street Series”.


I loved most of the characters, in particular Brunny. He seemed human (although, of course, he's not! He's a brownie!) but I enjoyed his grumbles and his sweet nature. Having the two aspects worked really well and made him an enjoyably 3D character. He was certainly my favourite character. Funny, caring, and relatable.

I also liked the little twists (which I won't mentioned here!) and the surprises in the novel that were interwoven skilfully into the story. I never felt that the story was forced. The plot was fast paced and certainly enjoyable!

Although this is not the first book with these characters, the author relays the prior information really well, without info-dumping. I haven't read the earlier books, but I found I didn't need to. It was an enjoyable standalone story.

There was one thing that niggled me quite a bit about the book: the research about Scotland. I've never known it to snow in July. The last frost date is in May.
It's also incredibly tricky using real places. The book is mostly set at Blair Castle - a real place owned (at the time) by a real family. Strangely, I had no problem with the brownies in the castle. It was Cousin George who I took exception to. Personally, I'd have preferred it if Mary and her Granny visited a fictional castle, or the old Duke of Atholl was portrayed a little more realistically.

I also wasn't sure about the witch, and how she was "born bad". I do love a good baddy back-story - you know, a reason for all the bad stuff that they've done - and I don't really like a kid's book to have the Born-Bad-Baddy. Personally, I think this isn't a good lesson for kids to learn.

On the whole, however, I really enjoyed reading this book. I read the entire book in a day, which is always an indication of a fabulous plot! Thank you Emily-Jane Hills Orford for sharing this gripping book with me!

Emily-Jane Hills Orford

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  1. Replies
    1. You're very welcome! Thank you for the opportunity!

  2. Thanks for hosting me and my book, "Mrs. Murray's Home". Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

    1. You're very welcome! I may have to search out the previous books!

  3. I like the cover. Did you help design it?

    1. The publisher has an amazing cover designer who has designed the covers for each book in the series. I'm glad you like it.

  4. The book sounds great and I like the cover.

    1. It's a really entertaining book!

    2. Thanks. I have to admit I had a lot of fun writing all the books in this series. There's one more to come.

  5. Sounds like a fun read! Thanks!

    1. I hope you get to read this book and the other books in the series. One more book to come.

  6. Thanks so much for both the book description and giveaway as well. I enjoy hearing about another good book.

  7. Do you find a difficult time concentrating on your work due to everything going on in the country right now?

    1. I have to write. It's my sanity. When my mother was dying of cancer ten years ago and my son was fighting his own battle with cancer at the same time, I had to write. Writing takes me away from the problems of the day without having to sacrifice the importance of those around me. So, yes, it is difficult, but I make myself write - every day. To keep me sane in a time full of insanity.


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