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Here I am (on the left) with 2 of my sisters and fellow publishers. We're in front of Dunrobin Castle in Sutherland. I was NOT impressed at how the Duke and Duchess of Sutherland were portrayed when they were responsible for the clearances which destroyed so many lives!

I'm a primary teacher and an author. These two things take up most of  my time, but I also love to read kidlit and go to the allotment when I can persuade myself to leave the house.

I published my debut novel "Taking Wing" in July 2019 and was blown away by the reception it received. It is a middle grade fantasy adventure (my favourite genre!) about a 12 yr old girl who find herself mixed up in the middle of a centuries-old war. The war is between two tribes of immortals who can turn themselves into birds in a moment's notice. It's fun, scary, full of peril, and just a good read!

I have had a publishing haitus in 2020, as I've been focussing on my family's business "Crowvus" which publishes all kinds of books. This doesn't mean I've not been writing, however, and I have three books coming out in 2021.

  1. Unicorns Rule - coming out in April 2021 - juvenile fiction (fantasy)
  2. Doorway to the Sunset - coming out in July 2021 - middle grade (fantasy adventure)
  3. Heartstone - coming out in October 2021 - middle grade (fantasy adventure)

I'm currently looking for a book launch team for Unicorns Rule. If you'd like to be part of something awesome, then sign up on my website and receive a free copy pre-release, as well as lots of party goodies. All you've got to do in return is read the book and post a review on release day. Simples!

If you'd like me to review your book, please get in touch. I love reading things from upcoming authors! Take a look at my Review Policy.

Get in touch by emailing

Bye for now,
Clemency :)


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Our fourth Indie Hero is well deserving of the title. Not only is he a successful author in his own right, he also spends much of his time helping other authors on the Writing Community Chat Show. I have often seen authors asking for publicity and yet not giving back in return. Not Christopher! His Community Chat Show is a perfect way to give back to the #WritingCommunity

Thanks, Christopher!

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Friday 1st November 2019 - Beginnings
No matter what anyone tells you, your beginning is spectacularly important. No pressure or anything, but if a reader doesn’t gel with your first line, your second must be amazing.The general rule of thumb is, the further a reader is expected to go to find the story, the easier it will be to lose them.
Starting a book can seem a bit like a rocky, uphill struggle - but it's worth it!

One of the most well-known beginnings:
In the beginning was the word
It’s difficult to rival that one!
But it’s a statement of truth (let’s leave fact out of it, as most of use NaNoWriMo writers are in the business of fiction), and that’s what most of my first lines are.
Petrovia Lodge was all that could be expected of a country house for a family of a not inconsiderable income.
Day’s Dying Glory

In a country at peace, men of war are confined to their homes and families.
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